Energy Efficient Homes Always Smart Investments

A Guide To New Double Pane Vinyl Windows & Smart Money Projects

Energy Efficient Homes Always Smart Investments, and as a responsible homeowner, you may already have dedicated a portion of your income to saving up for renovations or upgrades to your home. Once that money starts piling up, though, you face a broad range of different options for spending it. What’s the smart money project? Where are you going to get the best bang for your buck? If you decide on new double pane vinyl windows in your home, that’s the smart money project for 2017.

New Double Pane Vinyl Windows Offer A Surprisingly High Return On Investment

When you start considering home improvements from the viewpoint of how much they can add to the resale value of your home, the perennial favorites are major interior renovations like installing new kitchens or bathrooms. Plug “windows home smart money project” into your favorite search engine, though, and you’ll see that the conventional wisdom here might be mistaken.

Exterior upgrades like replacement windows deliver a one-two punch of value. Not only do they add to the price you can reasonably ask for your home, but they also increase its curb appeal significantly. When a potential buyer sees brand-new windows on a home, he or she knows that they’ll hold up for many years to come. Modern windows also improve your home’s energy efficiency, reducing maintenance and operating costs for both you and subsequent owners.

Getting Your Choices Right

Of course, if you’re going to spend your money wisely, you need to make sure you pick out the right replacement windows. Don’t go by style and don’t spend too much time figuring out what the “trendy” option is. Instead, concentrate on durability and build quality. You’ll usually find that the most reliable long-lasting windows constructed in subtle styles that will work with a wide variety of different homes styles.

As noted above, energy efficiency is a significant factor you need to consider when you’re upgrading your home’s windows. Don’t skimp out by buying windows with no coated glass or single glazing get units that have high energy star ratings for example Amerimax Double Energy Star ratings and minimize the amount of unwanted heat transfer your homes subjected. Triple glazing may also be worth considering if you live in a very cold or frigid climate. (e.g. in the mountains or in a northern climate).

The Value Of Professional Installation

Another important part of getting your money’s worth out of replacement windows is making sure they’re installed correctly by companies like Conservation Construction who maintains “A” ratings with the BBB & on Agie;s List. Unless you have tremendous faith in your DIY skills, this is a job best left up to professionals. Not only will they comply with all the window manufacturer’s directions and recommendations, but they’ll also guarantee their craft with a warranty. These warranties are even transferable to subsequent owners of your home.

A high-quality window isn’t going to add to your home’s value unless properly installed. In fact, an amateur installation job can wipe out the potential value boost you’re looking for if it leads to subsequent damage. It’s better to let a professional contractor install your windows to make sure they end up sturdy, watertight, and long-lasting.

Energy Efficient Homes Always Smart Investments

Warranties & Post Installation Service Commitments

The manufacturers like Amerimax/Euramax has an incredible post installation service commitment to their customers, for years into the future. With features like accidental glass and screen breakage warranties that even include labor, will keeping your home looking fantastic until the day you sell it.

While you have many options to consider when you’re picking out home improvement projects that boost your home’s value, don’t overlook the potential of exterior upgrades. Installing a new set of high-quality windows might be the perfect choice for your budget, and if you make sure the job’s done right you can get an excellent return on of your biggest investments when it’s time to sell your home.